Traditional quilting

Traditional thread quilting is a frequently used method
- in the automotive industry,
- in the production of bed linen and bed covers,
- in the production of linings and clothes,
- in the production of horse blankets and horse equipment,
- in the production of furniture,
- or for decorative purposes.

In addition to more than 300 quilting patterns, it is also possible to quilt your own pattern.
You can see the most popular patterns on the pictures.
There are many different fillers and bottom cover materials to choose from.

This quilting is suitable for all materials sold by us.
In the case of larger quantities, we undertake the quilting of the brought materials as well.


Price: 2,00 - 4,00 EUR /lm
EXW Hungary, Érd

The price depends on the ordered quantity, the weight and thickness of the material and the type of filler.
As a result, we give a unique price for each order.

For the materials we sell, 100 lm.
For imported materials, 300 lm.

Width: 140-220 cm
Filling material: 50 g/m2 to 550 g/m2

It is possible to make a quilting test.
Required amount of material: 10-20 lm.
Lead time: 1-3 weeks.


Price: 2,00 - 4,00 EUR /lm
EXW Hungary, Érd

Feel free to contact our staff with any questions.
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In the case of rolls, we can deliver the ordered artificial leather to your home with the GLS courier service, or in the case of pallets in a RABEN container.

We can send a sample and color catalog of all our products. We do not recommend that you choose the color based on the images on the website, as each screen displays colors differently.

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