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Our company is a wholesale trader of faux leather, upholstery fabrics, lining materials and a variety of technical fabrics.
The majority of our products are procured from factories in EU countries, which ensures the continual quality and service we provide to our customers, in addition to offering us the opportunity to develop and manufacture completely unique materials. As a supplier for numerous manufacturers and traders, we hold precision, professional competence and guaranteed quality as our most important principles.

Faux leathers

We have solutions for both traditional companies and those operating in specialised fields. Our wide variety of faux leathers covers most upholstery industry, medical, worker’s safety, shoe industry, ornamental leatherworking and apparel industry needs. In cooperation with European faux leather factories, we take special manufacturing orders of faux leather tailored to individual needs. All of our products include a data sheet containing information about all of its technical parameters as well as its quality inspection indicator, both of which come with our guarantee.

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Upholstery fabrics

We strive to offer a diverse assortment of furniture upholstery while constantly working on broadening our selection. We also sell upholstery materials cut to order. All of our products include a technical data sheet containing information about the product’s quality indicators. We are constantly broadening our product selection based on demand.

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PA/PES Fabrics

Our polyamide and polyester fabrics are primarily made from materials manufactured by the Dupont-licensed company Cordura as well as Oxford fabrics manufactured in China. These fabrics are most often used to manufacture bags, sporting goods, beanbags, dog accessories and work-safety gear.

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We offer linings as well as filling materials for numerous applications within our product range. Our selection includes split nonwoven fabrics, nonwoven fillings, spunbond nonwoven fabrics, interlinings, linens and silk linings. We can also acquire other lining materials beyond those listed on our website.