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Our company deals with the wholesale and retail trade of faux leather, leather, linings and various technical textile products. We source most of our products from plants located in the area of the EU, thus we can constantly ensure quality and supply to our customers, furthermore, we are able to develop and manufacture fully individual fabrics. As the supplier of many manufacturer and trading companies, we consider accuracy, professionalism and guaranteed quality the most important.

Faux leathers

In addition to traditional use in upholstery, we also offer professional solutions to companies operating in special areas, whether it is health care, work safety, vehicle upholstery, shoe production, leather goods or the clothing industry. We also offer the production of faux leather goods according to individual needs, thanks to our relationship with the major faux leather factories of Europe. Each of our products has a technical data sheet, which contains all the technical parameters and calibrated quality indicators of the products, for which we provide a guarantee.

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Upholstery fabrics

Our offering contains the favourite upholstery fabrics and textile leathers, from simple upholstery fabrics with a canvas effect to products created by nanotechnology. We also sell upholstery materials in a cutting programme. Each of our products has a technical data sheet, which contains the quality indicators of the product. We constantly expand our product offering according to the demands.

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We offer split non-woven fabrics used for shoe manufacturing, non-woven fabric fillers for upholstery, the production of quilts and coats, as well as spunbound fabrics, fabrics with canvas and silk lining for linings in dressed and bags. In addition to the products indicated on our web site we are also able to procure other lining materials.

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