Tatami 725

A strong, slip-resistant faux leather with a notably high resistance to abrasion. It is primarily used to make sports mats. It is suitable for general use in martial arts.

Technical parameters:
The faux leather is 1,2 mm thick. Faux leather with a PVC covering and a PES technical-fabric backing. The material is 140 cm wide. The average roll length is: 30-40 metres. For more information, please see the faux leather’s technical data sheet.

Backing properties:
The backing is an extremely strong PES technical fabric with great tensile strength which was designed for heavy-duty use.

Optional features:
Unique colours: The faux leather can be ordered with the colour of your choice based on the Pantone range of colours or colour samples. In this case, the factory will first create a lab sample and production will only start once the sample has been approved.
Thickness: The faux leather can be ordered in various thicknesses. In this case, the factory will first create a lab sample and production will only start once the sample has been approved.
Laminating: Both lamination with PUR or PE foam – with or without covering –  and lamination with other materials, including in the form of a multilayered product, are available as options. For more information about lamination options, please click here.
Perforation: Perforation can be ordered in a range of different perforation patterns. For more information about perforation options, please click here.

Place of origin:

Ordering Terms and Conditions

We do not keep this faux leather in stock.

Available in the following colours:
1220, 1552, 1999, 4120, 4494, 4507, 5186, 5636, 6268, 6194, 8104, 8116, 8168
Minimum order quantity: 500 m2/color/surface. Delivery deadline is 3-5 weeks.

Available in any colour, based on the Pantone colour scale or a colour sample.
Minimum order quantity: 500 m2. Delivery deadline: 3-5 weeks after the acceptance of the laboratory sample.

Can be ordered laminated with PUR or PE foam, with or without a cover, or laminated with any other material.
Minimum order quantity for lamination: 100 running metres. Delivery deadline: 4 to 5 weeks from the day when the fabric for the lamination is delivered to our site. Please click here for more information about the option of laminating.

Perforation can be ordered from a selection of different perforation patterns. Minimum quantity to perforate: 1 roll. Shipping deadline: 4-5 weeks from the arrival of the material to be perforated at our premises. For more information about perforation options, please click here.

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