Optio 105

Optio artificial leathers are extremely resistant and meet the highest European standards.
They are equally suitable for the production of residential, medical and commercial furniture, vehicle upholstery and leather products. They are also suitable for outdoor use and have high UV resistance.

Surface 105 is mostly used for bags.

The top layer is PVC/PU, the back side textile is PES.
The artificial leather is 0.9 mm thick.
The width of the material is 140 cm.
The average roll length: ~30 lm.
The synthetic leather is phthalate-free, UV-resistant, sweat-resistant, seawater-resistant and chlorine-resistant.
Thanks to the PES substrate, it is strong, has high tensile strength and is resistant to wet and humid environments.

Only available to order.
It is also possible to manufacture according to individual needs in case of larger quantities.
Options: Change thickness, color, or media. Adding a flame retardant or antibacterial finish. Digital printing. Ultrasonic or traditional quilting, perforation.



  Composition:    83% PVC, 2% PU, 15% PES
  Backing Type:    PES
  Fabric Weight:    600 g/m2 ± 5%
  Fabric Thickness:    0,9 mm ± 0,1 mm
  Usable Width:    140 cm
  Tearing Force (N):   EN ISO 4674-1MB   29,7 / 25,1
  Martindale’s test:  

EN 5470-2 


Peel adhesion: 

  EN ISO 2411     Passed

Color fastness to light: 

  EN ISO 105-B02    7-8
  Multiple bending resistance at 20 °C:   EN ISO 7854   250.000
  Color fastness to domestic and commercial laundering:   EN ISO 105-C08 40 °C   4-5
  Color fastness to seawater:   EN ISO 105-E02    4-5
  Color fastness to chlorinated water:    EN ISO 105-E03    4-5 
  Color fastness to sweat:    EN ISO 105-E04   4-5 
  Color fastness to bleaching: Hypochlorite:    DIN EN 20105-N01   4-5 
  Color fastness to salvia:    DIN EN 53160-1   4-5 
  Flame retardancy:    EN 1021-1, -2   On request

The product is Phthalate free (do not contain: DEHP, BBP, DBP, DIBP, DINP, DIDP, DNOP).
The product has REACH certificate.
The product has hygienic certificate.

Cleaning: Can not be cleaned with organic solvents (Perchlorethylen, KWL).

Price: 5,09 EUR/lm
- In case of larger quantities, we can offer more discounted prices.


For all other colors listed on the website, the artificial leather must be manufactured.
Minimum order quantity: 100 lm.
Delivery time: 2-4 weeks.

In the case of a unique color, flame-resistant or antibacterial finish, thickness or backing modification, the artificial leather must be produced individually.
Minimum order quantity: 300 lm.
Delivery time: 2-6 weeks.

Optio leatherettes can also be ordered based on the Pantone color scale or color sample.
In this case, the factory first prepares a laboratory sample, which takes 2-3 weeks.
After the acceptance of the color sample, the artificial leather can be ordered with the general production deadline.

Optio artificial leathers can be ordered in thicknesses between 0.6 and 1.2 mm.
It is important to mention that the physical properties of the different thickness versions are different.

Optio artificial leathers can be made with five types of backing.
- PES: Strong, high tensile strength PES fabric. It is significantly more resistant to wet, humid environments than mixed fiber substrates. The types we have in stock are manufactured with this backing.
- PES-Cot: Extremely strong, well-formed and well-glued mixed fiber woven canvas.
- Pes-D: Fluffy PES looped fabric. The advantage is that, thanks to the soft fluffy surface, no lining is needed and the finished product will be soft to the touch. Can be glued very well.
- PES-Cot-F: Strong mixed fiber fabric specifically for BS-5852 flame resistance standard.
- PES-WL: Thick, rigid shoe industry backing. It does not stretch and is extremely resistant.

Optio fabrics can be digitally printed based on a properly prepared graphic.
The print has a high abrasion resistance, as the varnish layer is applied to the artificial leather after printing.
You can find more information about digital printing by clicking here.

The following finishes can be requested for Optio artificial leathers:
- "ULTRAFRESH" antibacterial finish (JIS-Z-2801).
- EN-1021-1,-2 flame resistance finish for PES backing.
- BS-5852 (Crib 5) flame resistance finish for PesCot-F backing.

Artificial leather can be requested with perforation. Several perforation patterns are available.
You can find more information about perforation by clicking here.

Artificial leather can be requested with ultrasonic quilting.
Many quilting patterns are available. The filling fleece can be chosen between 40-120 g/m2, and a PP back cover is also available.
You can find more information about ultrasonic quilting by clicking here.

The artificial leather can be requested with onion quilting and thread quilting.
Many quilting patterns and threads are available. The filling fleece can be chosen between 40-250 g/m2, and a PP back cover is also available.
You can find more information about traditional quilting by clicking here.

Price: 5,09 EUR /lm
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In the case of rolls, we can deliver the ordered artificial leather to your home with the GLS courier service, or in the case of pallets in a RABEN container.

We can send a sample and color catalog of all our products. We do not recommend that you choose the color based on the images on the website, as each screen displays colors differently.

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