Medica 210 ST

A faux leather expressly made for hospital use. Thanks to its PU surface, its texture is soft and supple and is similar to textile. It is typically used to make mattress covers.

The faux leather is made with a PU coating and PES backing.
The material weight is 210 g/m2.
The width of the material is 150 or 220 cm.
The average roll length is: 50 metres.
The faux leather is biocompatible, antibacterial, MRSA-resistant, mould-resistant, flame-retardant, UV-resistant, sweat-proof, watertight, breathable, washable at 95°C and sterilisable at 134°C.


We have this artificial leather in stock in white.
Additional colors are available.
It is possible to produce with your own color, ultrasonic quilting, or thread quilting.




  Composition:    50% PU / 50% PES  
  Fabric weight:     210 g/m2 ± 5%  
  Usable width:    150 / 220 cm  
  Tensile strength (N/5cm):   EN ISO 1421   250 / 200  
  Ultimate elongation (%):  

EN ISO 1421

  90 / 120  

Peel adhesion (N/5cm):

  EN ISO 2411   30 / 30  

Resistance to water penetration (Pa): 

  EN ISO 20811   50.000  
  Water vapour permeability (g/m2/24h):   EN ISO 15496   ≥ 400  
  Sterilization:   134°C / 5 min.   Passed  
  Hydrolisis tropical test (week):   EN ISO 1419
70°C / 95% R.H.
  ≥ 5  
  Shrinkage at washing at °95 (%):   EN ISO 3759
EN ISO 5077
EN ISO 6330
  ≤ 5  
  Biocompatibility:   ISO 10993   Passed  
  Cytotoxicity test:   ISO 10993-5,-12   Passed  
  Skin irritation test (MTT test, LDH release):   ISO 10993-1, -10   Passed  
  Resistance to virus penetration:   EN ISO 16604
Phi-X 74 becterio-phage
  Antifungi treatment:   ASTM G 21-96
Aspergilus niger, Trichoserma virens
  Antibacterial treatment:   EN ISO 20743-2
Staphylo-coccus aurelius,
Methicilin Resistan Staphylo-coccus aurelius (MRSA)
  Flame retardant:   BS 7175   Passed  
  Color fastness to light:   EN ISO 105-B02   ≥ 5  
  Color fastness to domestic & commercial laundering:   EN ISO 105-C06   ≥ 4  
  Color fastness to dry cleaning:   EN ISO 105-D01   ≥ 4  
  Color fastness to sweat:   EN ISO 105-E04   ≥ 4  
  Color fastness to rubbing:   EN ISO 105-X12   ≥ 4  

The product is Phthalate free (do not contain: DEHP, BBP, DBP, DIBP, DINP, DIDP, DNOP).
The product has REACH certificate.
The product has hygienic certificate.
Source: EU

Clean by washing at maximum 95°C with liquid detergent or dry clean. Do not use detergents containing washing powder, softening additives or sodium hypochlorite for cleaning.

Price: 9,29 EUR/lm
EXW Hungary, Érd

Colors in stock: 002 (white).
Minimum order quantity: 1 roll (~50 lm).

For all other colors, the artificial leather must be manufactured.
Minimum order quantity: 400 lm.
Delivery time: 3-6 weeks.

Medica fsbrics can also be ordered based on the Pantone color scale or color sample.
In this case, the factory first prepares a laboratory sample, which takes 2-3 weeks.
After the acceptance of the color sample, the artificial leather can be ordered with the general production deadline.


The artificial leather can be requested with ultrasonic quilting.
Many quilting patterns are available. The filling fleece can be chosen between 40-120 g/m2, and a PP back cover is also available.
You can find more information about ultrasonic quilting by clicking here.

The artificial leather can be requested with onion quilting and thread quilting.
Many quilting patterns and threads are available. The filling fleece can be chosen between 40-250 g/m2, and a PP back cover is also available.
You can find more information about traditional quilting by clicking here.

Price: 9,29 EUR /lm
EXW Hungary, Érd

Feel free to contact our staff with any questions.
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In the case of rolls, we can deliver the ordered artificial leather to your home with the GLS courier service, or in the case of pallets in a RABEN container.

We can send a sample and color catalog of all our products. We do not recommend that you choose the color based on the images on the website, as each screen displays colors differently.

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