Faux Leather

Optio product line

Our Optio product line includes high-quality faux leather with modern surfaces. Every Optio faux leather is UV-resistant, salt water-proof, sweat-proof, resistant to chlorinated water and phthalate-free; in addition, there are two different available types of fire retardant (EN-1021, BS-5852 Crib 5). Thanks to its polyurethane content, the material is soft to the touch and malleable. The surfaces, colours and backings available in our collection can be ordered in any combination, depending on the quantity. We also offer the option of selecting a unique colour.

Medica medical faux leathers

Hospitals often have special requirements when it comes to the materials used in their institutions, such as that the surfaces are easy to wash and disinfect, are fire-retardant, have an antibacterial finish, are MRSA-resistant, slip-resistant, have breathable properties and are biocompatible. Our Medica faux leathers offer solutions for exactly these requirements. These faux leathers are mainly used to make mattress covers.


Our Contract artificial leathers are recommended for public transport vehicles and other uses that require strict standards.
The standards include EN 45545 used for trains, FAR 25/853 used for airplanes, and IMO flame resistance used for ships, as well as EN ISO 10993 biocompatibility, EN 71-3 required for children's furniture, and standards required for all kinds of furniture.


Our Tatami selection includes particularly strong and slip-resistant materials. It is typically used to make professional sports mats.

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